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Living in Rosedale and Summerhill

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Rosedale and Summerhill are two of Toronto’s most beautiful and centrally located neighborhoods (bordering on one another).

Having spent over 30 years growing up, living and working in Rosedale, I can honestly say the location is ideal if you are looking for a combination of residential and urban living within a quiet and pristine setting. Just minutes to Toronto’s major entertainment, business and shopping districts. Close to TTC and all surrounded by ravines and parks making it feel more like you are miles from downtown.

Toronto’s uniqueness lies in its variety of exceptional neighborhoods close to downtown, parks and schools. I moved from Rosedale to Bloor West Village/ High Park area over 20 ago and love it. But I still recognize the beauty and desirability of both Rosedale and Summerhill.

They are exceptionally located with TTC access allowing for freedom and opportunity to keep your car at home if you choose. Both neighborhoods, because of their pristine setting, exceptional location, size of homes, (not all), combined with skyrocketing Toronto Real Estate prices makes them two of Toronto’s most fashionable and expensive places to live.

Have no fear, there are many beautiful, more affordable and desirable neighborhoods within 30 minutes of access to downtown that we will continue to explore.

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