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What To Do at Home This Winter

As the Toronto Real Estate market soars through much of the pandemic, there are still many who decided to stay in their homes. With the lack of inventory, it was making the market extremely competitive for buyers and for many it made more sense to look at the space they were living in and decide where some improvements could be made to make their home a greater comfort.

I know many of my clients decided to do just that. Some of the projects have been large ones, but overall, it’s the smaller ones that we tend to put off. Many are now addressing these smaller projects, and the outcome is often deeply satisfying and encouraging. Because the start of one job can often lead to another, prioritizing will be your best friend if the build up gets overwhelming. One step at a time. But if there is ever a time to do some projects you have been putting off, COVID-19 is a perfect opportunity to begin.


1. We have the time. As winter approaches and the Pandemic is still prominent in all our lives, time is one thing we might have a little extra of.

2. Investment in your quality of life. A happier space, a happier you. Especially if you have been transported to work at home.

3. Investment in your biggest asset. No need for big budget projects. It could be as simple as painting a room or changing a carpet.

4. A good time to declutter everything from books to clothes, and to donate or sell items.

Many of my clients and friends inspired me to look at my own home and knowing we are thinking of selling in a few years, what are some fun (and not so fun) projects we could tackle while watching our budget, improving the value of our and home and the quality of living while we are still there.

The first thing on our list was doing something with our third-floor space. For many years, half of this area was my office and the other half was our family room for when the kids were younger. Even though we continued to use this space for movie nights and privacy for our kids, we hadn’t painted or changed the carpet in 18 years. It was getting desperate, but there was no real urgency. The girls were at university and my office moved to the dining room table.

But through Covid, with the whole family at home for the first seven months, we realized what an opportunity it would be to transform this space into an entirely new living experience, simply with new floors, fresh paint, weeks of purging, we made it happen.

It has inspired us to continue on the path of home improvements.

For anyone in their homes, feeling a tad bored and frustrated, this is the perfect opportunity to begin focusing on things you have been putting off for years. A great time to tune up and touch up.

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