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Living in Parkdale

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Over the years I find myself showing and selling more homes in Parkdale. It was a Village built in the 1850’s and has gradually transformed and continues too, as one of Toronto’s most vibrant areas to live in. It is a small pocket with many large and beautiful homes, steps to trendy Queen and King St West.

I asked my friend and client Emma Knight, (Co-Founder, Greenhouse Juice), to reflect on her families experience of living in the heart of Parkdale. Here is what she had to say:

“Although we both grew up in Toronto, we hardly knew the Parkdale/Roncy/High Park area when we fell in love with what would become our home. We spent the weekend of the open house -the coldest weekend of the winter- exploring the neighborhood. Even at inhospitable temperatures we were charmed. On walks along the Lakeshore and through High Park you almost forget you are in the city.

Roncesvalles and our local strip of “Queen West” have everything we need from walking distance, from fresh vegetables and homemade pesto to every kind of dumpling (pierogis, momos and more) and 7am croissants still warm from the oven. As our family grows, we have been especially grateful that our neighbors and the business owners in the area are generous and kind toward stroller- wielding new parents. Baby and toddler activities abound, in between bars and incensed- infused stores specializing in vintage clothes and records- life here is never dull, and we think it’s a great place for our daughters to grow up.

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